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Constructure Medical Technology GmbH
Brandst├╝cken 23
22549 Hamburg

Tel. +49 40 696 042 85

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Dr. Tristan Giesa
Managing Director, Constructure Medical Technology
Tel. +49 40 696 042 85

Dipl. – Ing. (2011), RWTH Aachen, Germany, Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. (2015), MIT, USA, Civil and Environmental Engineering
P.E. (Professional Engineer), California Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors, #38945


  • Analysis and modelling of complex mechanical systems, including damage and failure mechanics, fatigue and corrosion analysis and nonlinear finite element analysis
  • Assessment of complex mechanical and industrial structures, such as wind energy plants, cooling towers, chimneys, high pressure equipment and other machine elements
  • Failure and accident investigations of welded and non-welded structures also in litigation cases
  • Modelling of highly nonlinear, dynamic and large timescale failure scenarios
  • Development material subroutines to capture the complex behavior of various engineering materials (metals, concrete, plastics)
  • Debris models to assess the impact of falling masses on ground vibrations and surrounding structures

Dr. Giesa has published numerous papers in the field of mechanics of materials and serves as peer reviewer to several journals in the field of damage mechanics. He has supervised Bachelor’s and Master’s theses at RWTH and MIT.