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Constructure solves challenging engineering problems using state-of-the art analysis and simulation techniques. To our clients we provide extensive expertise in nonlinear static and dynamic solid mechanics, failure and fracture analysis as well as thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

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More about our numerical analyses

Constructure solves challenging design and failure analysis problems via cutting-edge software for finite element analysis (ANSYS, Sofistik, LS-Dyna) and high-performance computer cluster for simulation execution. We perform our analyses complying to current standards and guidelines (ISO, ASTM, FDA).

Our analyses can already be applied to implant prototypes prior to or in conjunction with mechanical testing. We perform scientific research to establish conservative in-vivo conditions to be used for analysis in accordance with current standards and guidelines such as ASME V&V 40:2018.

We utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to predict fluid behavior and heat distribution using state-of-the-art model definition and analysis software (ANSYS, openfoam).

Bone Implant FEA

Structural Analysis (FEA)

Device Life and Fatigue Analysis

Nonlinear Materials Analysis

  • Nitinol
  • metals such as steel, copper, cobalt chrome
  • carbon and glass fiber reinforced composites
  • concrete and rebar
  • ceramics
  • polymers

Design Optimization

Dynamics, Modal and Vibration Analysis

Failure and Collapse

Fracture Mechanics


Fluid Dynamics