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Constructure Medical Technology

A multi-disciplinary team solving complex problems

Constructure Medical Technology GmbH is a subsidiary of the Constructure Holding GmbH and is registered in Ratingen, Germany.

We are focused on the design analysis of medical devices, particularly in conjunction with advanced numerical methods.

More about Constructure

Constructure was founded in Germany in 1989 as a subsidiary of a renown US consulting company specialized in solving scientific and technical challenges. The German branch became known for solving client issues mainly in the field of industrial construction technology.

In recent years, the company has expanded to around 45 employees in offices in Ratingen, Hamburg, Berlin Dortmund and Roth. As the company grew, additional core fields were added to our list of services: tower engineering, power and battery engineering, mechanical and plant engineering and medical technology. In 2022, the Constructure Holding GmbH was founded together with the Constructure Medical Technology GmbH.

More about our team

Constructure’s experts hold graduate and doctoral degrees in a variety of scientific and technical domains. Our team is involved in the investigation, publishing, and presentation of scientific studies on current technical topics. Members of our group serve on expert panels organized by professional and industrial societies. Furthermore, we participate in the development of industry standards.

Our company policy

We want to inspire our clients with quality services. By working in close partnership with them, we build and strengthen long-term customer relationships.

Our employees are our most important asset and a prerequisite for satisfied customers that would like to use our services again. Therefore, we preventively implement and continuously improve the required occupational health and safety regulations to protect our employees and third parties from work-related injuries and illnesses.

We protect our environment and prevent environmental pollution to the extent of our possibilities. We have implemented a quality managament system.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • complying with all applicable legal requirements;
  • responding quickly and flexibly to customer requirements and implementing them professionally within the scope of our possibilities;
  • continuously training and educating our employees;
  • constantly maintain state of the art technical equipment (hardware and software) and develop own equipment if necessary;

  • produce binding, clear and comprehensibly prepared reports;
  • actively participate in standards committees, industry associations and teach at universities;
  • proactively prevent work-related accidents, occupational diseases and health hazards;
  • prevent environmental and property damage;
  • continuously improve our Integrated Management System, service quality and occupational health and safety performance.